9 June 2000 to the present day Managing partner since the establishment of Planungsbüro Baumert & Peschos GmbH

1997 Self-employed – owner of the Ines Peschos architectural practice

1994 to 1997 Degree in Architecture from Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences – College of Technology Freelance work for BIB

1992 to 1994 Project engineer (structural engineering) with Züblin AG in Stuttgart

1992 Studied at the ENPC in Paris, France (grant from the French Foreign Ministry). Worked as a statistician at the M. Grabli engineering consultancy in Paris

1987 bis 1992 Degree in Structural Engineering, Dresden University of Technology

1974 bis 1986 Primary education and polytechnic secondary school, Yemen, Damascus, Magdeburg; sat the Abitur school-leaving examination in Königs Wusterhausen

05. March 1968 Born in Magdeburg


9 June 2000 to the present day Managing partner since the establishment of Planungsbüro Baumert & Peschos GmbH

1996 to the present day Self-employed – Sven Baumert engineering consultancy

1994 bis 1996 Employed at BIB

1988 bis 1994 Degree in Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Bauhaus University, Weimar

1985 bis 1988 Military service

1982 bis 1985 Graduated as a skilled construction worker with Abitur

1972 bis 1982 Primary education and polytechnic secondary school, Yemen, Magdeburg; sat the Abitur school-leaving examination in Königs Wusterhausen

31. March 1966 Born in Magdeburg


Originally established by Manfred Baumert B.Eng. in 1990 as an engineering consultancy for construction supervision and coordination, the agency has existed in its present form since 9 June 2000 as ‘Planungsbüro Baumert & Peschos GmbH’, with the founder’s descendants Dipl.-Ing. (B.Eng.) Ines Peschos (née Baumert) and Dipl.-Ing. (B.Eng.) Sven Baumert taking the business into the next generation as its managing partners.

The agency undertakes assignments in every phase covered by the schedule of services and fees for architects and engineers (HOAI), from a preliminary geological assessment to the overseeing of the national and international projects undertaken by its experienced permanent workforce – now numbering 22 – from the fields of architecture, structural engineering, urban planning, and construction and civil engineering planning, who work together in interdisciplinary teams.

The agency’s commissions have and continue to come from far and wide, including Brazil, Portugal, Canada, India, Italy, France and Austria.

In accordance with the guiding principles of the company’s founder, Manfred Baumert, we will apply our expertise to projects from small residential dwellings to apartment buildings and office blocks, schools, administration and industrial buildings, but also to interior design, landscaping and road building.


Our team currently consists of 22 employees. We are architects. structural engineers. construction managers. technical employees.








Our company was certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 on 29 April 2011 by the accredited certification board ÖHMI EuroCert® GmbH. The certificate is awarded for a three-year period and is reviewed annually.
The trust which our clients place in our services is vital to our continued success. Our aim is to find a creative solution to every challenge posed by a client, and to execute it to a high standard and in accordance with the latest technology.
We have set up our own in-house quality management system which demonstrates our commitment to quality both internally and externally. Quantifiable criteria relating the quality of our performance, our service to our clients and partners, and the qualifications of our employees must all meet our consistently high standards.

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